Minor accident no insurance ?

I got in a minor accident I'm 17 my dad has insurance but I'm not under that insurance the cop showed up and just told me I had court there was no injuries what am I facing ? My car got chipped the other car was only paint scratches

BEST ANSWER:  Try this site where you can compare quotes: http://HELP-INSURE.NET/index.html?src=wikia50r3oqxurUF26


If I own property and pay insurance from 2 different insurance companies.?

If something were to happen to my property can I collect money from both insurances?

"A $26,000 car got stolen with no insurance, what can I do?"

I financed a car through nissan around Nov. 1st, at payments of 436.29 I financed 26,000. I'm 19 years old, my mother co signed for me. to start building my credit. I had a full time job etc and could easily make payments well shortly after- i loss my job. (a month after) I posted online looking for a third party to do a credit application and take over the payments. I found someone, we went through the paper work etc, and i was stupid/naive enough to let him hold onto the car before seeing if he was approved, to see if he likes it etc, long story short, he never came back with my car, changed his phone and gave me a phony address. My car was stolen. I drove off the lot at nissan without any insurance on it yet, because they let me. (again im new at this and so naive) i was waiting on good quotes on insurance , then my car got stolen before i could get insurance on it. I owe 800 dollars now, and my account is going into collections in 3 days. whats going to happen? I called the police departement, they said they cant file the car stolen because i was in the process of making a civil agreement with him before he just drove off with it. i would have to go to court and file a judgement againist for the car, or 26,000 etc. but i called the courts they said i need a lawyer, i dont have ANY money at all, no job, nothing for a lawyer etc. i dont know what to do. what im mostly scared of is, collections going after my mom for the 26,000 and she owns a mobile home that she bought for 49,000 and pays lot rent on it, and owns a little ford truck , will they put a lien on her house and take it away? what are my options? i dont want to pay this car off for this guy, who took it, the title and everything is under my name, but how can i find it without cops helping? im just scared and crying, i dont know whats going to happen, im scared for my mom. could she file bankruptcy if they come after her? will that save her home? please, just anyone help . i know nissan is going to come after me for repossession but i dont have the car, i dont know where it is. im so scared. 26,000 is a lot owed. any advice is appreciated thanks."

Would not getting your permit prior to getting your license increase car insurance costs ?

I know there are many things that increase insurance costs but would not getting your permit prior to getting your license be one if them? If so how can insurance companies tell you didn't get your permit first ?

Swinton Car Insurance ?? Any one used Swinton ?

I have always been insured with either Churchill or Direct Line. Been shopping around this time and Swinton have offered the best quote so far through Highway Insurance.,. Price includes Legal cover, High breakdown cover, courtesy Car ect,, Im just abit unsure what the service is like as I dont know anyone who uses them. Any one used them and what were your experiences? good or bad ? Many thanks in advance."

Saving up car + insurance HELP !?

My partner is having driving tests every week, and she is a more advanced driver. I just like to get advice on this matter, financial ? I do got a job, part time mainly. I do earn around 180 +- a week if I am lucky, She has student loan, 800 every three months and that's not much since she has to pay university fees. normally around 9k. now it's around 4.5 thousand pounds I guess. She wants to get a car insurance and a car, we are troubled what to do since if she wants all of that it will be loads more. Since insurance is 600 pounds every year ? petrol and other costs MOT. Road tax ? Just some examples, there might be lots more to worry about. I will help her to get all these things, She thinks it would be easier to get a second hand car, that will hopefully handle 2/3 years ? I do not believe that's a wise choice since that would be much more expensive for extra costs and repairs. On top when she is done with Uni and she has to get a job, it's more sufficient to still owning a proper car to get you everywhere. The body could be damaged, and the chance of a accident is higher + extra costs. Can anybody help us out ? A second hand for 2/3 thousand with a insurance of 600 a year ? or not ? Lemme know ! Thank you !"

Will my car insurance rates increase? Please help?

I have a lease with the full mandated insurance in FL and I have Geico. There is construction on my building and while my car was parked in it's space apparently a rock or some piece of concrete from my building must have hit my moonroof and shattered it completely. I must have this fixed ASAP and am still working out who between my condo association and the construction company are going to pay for this. In the meantime I need to know if I call Geico about this incident will I be in jeopardy of having my rates increased? The car was parked in it's space, I was not driving, and it was not my fault. Thank you for answering."

How much average does a family of four pay annually or monthly for health insurance?

I'm currently in the military and plan on getting out in 3yrs. I have an EF but people in the service forget about health insurance (because its free now). I want to set my family up. Just wondering what would I be looking at paying when I separate for a family of four so I can start saving

How do you get car insurance?

I am on my mom's car insurance with Geico but it is no cost because I had my permit. I just got my license like 2 days ago. Will I have to notify them? I'm going to get a car next week probably, so you have to have car insurance to actually buy a car don't you? Could someone explain the process to me? Thx =]"

Insurance question plz help?

Im wanna go to school to be a lvn but at the school i wanna go to u have to have malpractice insurance. What is malpractice insurance and how much does it cost

Can I put my motorcycle on my moms insurance?

For my 18th birthday im going to get my self a Ninja 250R, but I already have a 2009 Toyota and my mom also has a 2009 Toyota, because i am much younger my insurance will be very expensive... i was wondering if I can put the bike under my moms name so that I can give her money to pay it at a lower rate? or can it only be the owner of the bike? Also could I have her buy it under her name so it looks like she is the only owner or does that matter?"

How can I find out NAIC number for car insurance company?

I am filling out a report for DMV and there is a section where I need to provide the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) number for AAA. I talked the company and my agent and they say that there is no such thing? I wonder if there is any where I can look this info up..... Any idea?

How much will my car insurance be? 17 year old male?

I have been waiting forever to hear back from the insurance company with my quote and it got me curious on how much the average is for a 17 year old male who does not have the best grades but has a clean record and never been in any sort of trouble. I understand you cant know this from just guessing but I was just looking for some estimates so I had an idea on how much to safe for. Thank you to who ever answers!

How are car insurance categories broken down ?

Obviously different cars will cost more to insure with different things affecting the price like engine size performance look and value, but how are these broken down for example when i was looking to buy a car a 2001 1.2 corsa sxi was about 850 to insure but a 2002 peugeot 206 1.1 was 1200 i was 21 and wondered why was the peugeot considerably more seeing as it had a smaller engine was pretty much the same age and was worth the same amount of money ?"

I want to switch car insurance companies?

My car insurance is up at the end of September. The current company that I'm with has sent me a renewal reminder. They will automatically renew it at the end of the month. (They also sent me a note to say the card I used to pay last time has expired, so I will need to enter a new one). I've found a cheaper quote elsewhere therefore I want to go with a new company. However, despite the fact that all my dealings with the current insurance provider have been online, if you want to cancel your policy, you have to do it by phone. I don't particularly want to call them and get the hard sell (I'm really not very good in that sort of situation). Seeing as the credit card I used to pay for the insurance last time has now expired, shall I just ignore them and go with someone new, or will they then keep chasing me saying I owe them money?"

"If your home is valued at 73,000, why would your insurance company raise the coverage to 101,000?"

If my house burns down, would they really pay out 100,000 or just the property value ?"

Can I remove 17 yr old off my insurance policy if not driving my car at all?

Long story short (hopefully)...My 17 yr old step-son got his license just after his b-day last yr and my husband stupidly bought him an undeserved car (we have had nonstop issues with him for over 2 yrs with his disrespectful and insulting/criticizing attitude, refusing to follow house rules, his very poor, negative and selfish behavior on top of his constant lies and his drug and alcohol use and continues to bring it around my 4 yr old son). Needless to say after receiving 4 tickets under 6 months for either having too many kids in car or driving past allowed hours to be driving because he refuses to follow our rules or the law and feel they do not apply to him. He completely trashed the car, it reeked of cigarettes and pot, we found empty beer cans and other cans used to smoke his pot. We took the car away and cleaned it the best we could and after a few months of him still continuing his behavior and habits we sold the car. He bullies his mom and sister (always has) and took his moms keys and her car from her and will not return it. I know we are legally responsible for him until he turns 18 which isn't too much longer BUT he is getting worse with everything, my husband has given up on him and just lets him come and go as he pleases and do what he wants (he claims he will kick him out on his bday but no one believes him b/c of many past threats not followed through and his kids know it so they continue to play him), I'm told to stay out of it because he isn't my son yet he is still on MY insurance and driving his mom's car while drinking and smoking pot and continuing not to follow the law with his restrictions either. I can't wait for this ungrateful punk to be out of my house. He constantly badmouths all of us with lies to everyone and blames us when things don't go his way. He has always been extremely lazy and does not want to work, he keeps forcing his mom to give him money which she does b/c she claims she is afraid of him, he has NEVER helped with anything around the house, he has already been in trouble a few times with the police as young as 12 when he wouldn't follow skateboarding rules. This kid needs a major attitude adjustment and a kick in the *** but no one will do it and I'm not allowed to say anything to him about anything but I'm so sick and tired of having to keep my mouth shut and watch everything he says and does to his family yet I am to provide insurance for this a@%hole. He's not supposed to be driving anyone's car but he took his mom's and won't give it back to her, he lives with us even though he is NEVER here (DYFS took the kids away from their mom about 4 yrs ago and placed them with us immediately) (oh, the issues have been going on a lot longer than these 4 yrs but not to this degree). By the time we file and the court allowed for emancipation he will be 18 so that is no use. He HAS to live with us until then but I don't want my insurance going up anymore than it has and want him off of it. He refuses to hand over his license too. I am at my wits end with this kid and don't know what else to do. Does anyone have any ideas on any loopholes on how to get him off my insurance? If we force him to stay here he gets violent toward everyone, constantly picks fights with all of us, storms around the house cursing and complaining, slamming everything, purposely makes messes and leaves it until he gets his way and I definitely do not want that behavior around my son. My husband has told him he is no longer a part of our family and it doesn't faze him at all and he just does not care about anyone but himself. Please no criticizing me. I have been his step-mom for almost 10 yrs now and have never been allowed to discipline my husband's kids at all and always told to not get involved in anything b/c they are not my kids yet they both walk all over their dad (and their mom), are spoiled rotten, no responsibilities or chores at all and never any consequences when they do something wrong. For those of you who actually read all of this thank you. Yes, I am venting but really need it and this still is not the whole story but it's too much to go into."

Which car in Canada has the lowest insurance rate?

I'm not talking about new cars btw, I'm talking about the old cars from 95-2002 the shitbox cars, I'm a student and I plan on getting my first car with my first insurance so I need to know what's a good starter/shitbox car with the lowest insurance costs. Thanks"

Car insurance...?

Ok I have 2 choices here! I have only been driving 6 months so I have 0 no claims. I have just been bought a car and to add it on my insurance policy it costs 60 on top on the 45 I pay a month..(105 a month) for 5 more months til i get my 1 year no claims or for 70 a month I cant start again with a different company . what to do? ....

"Insurance, Drivers license, and insurance all from different states?"

Someone has told me that this is illegal and that it falls under the tri-state law but I havent been able to find any links or anything describing this situation. Im wondering because my husband has a California license and our truck is registered in Arizona with Missouri insurance (we live in Missouri now & my husband is active duty Army) When we contacted our insurance company when we moved here they just informed us that we would just need to make sure our insurance has where we currently live & keep the vehicle. According to the person who told me their husband had a TX license, KY registration, and NC insurance."

Which Insurance Companies still have affordable maternity coverage?

My wife and me want to have a child. However, we are having a hard time finding a insurance company that provides maternity coverage at a affordable rate. Can someone help us?"

Need help finding car insurance?

I need my own insurance policy in order to get off of my mom's, but I need one that is cheap and affordable. Any ideas?"

"Mortgage, HOMEOWNER INSURANCE, lost jobs advice.?"

I need some advice! (Please, please keep your advice to constructive criticism, please) We are coming out of a messy situation where we both lost our jobs. But now we have acquired more"

If someone hits my car does my insurance go up?

So basically I was stopped at a stop sign and someone came from behind my car and hit me. afterwards I looked at my rear bumper where I was hit and there was no major damage that I can see. Just paint from her car and a some scratches but no dents. Do I even report something like this? if I do does my insurance go up, because it seems like it is 100% their fault since I was going 0 mph at a stop sign."

Which is best life insurance company?

I want to buy a policy oc life insurance Pl. gude me.

Does anyone know of any really cheap car insurance companies in the u.k?

Preferably ones that dont want a lot of money up front

Minor accident no insurance ?

I got in a minor accident I'm 17 my dad has insurance but I'm not under that insurance the cop showed up and just told me I had court there was no injuries what am I facing ? My car got chipped the other car was only paint scratches

BEST ANSWER:  Try this site where you can compare quotes: HELP-INSURE.NET

"I am disabled,my wife is 63 and cant get affordable insurance. anyone know where to look?

she only gets 700 a month ss and shes told if she got insurance it would be about 600 a month.what do we do?

New to US and getting car insurance in CA?

I am arriving on a working visa to California. I will need to buy a car and get insurance. I have a UK drivering license. Can I get insurance with a UK license or will I have to get a CA license first?

Car insurance beginner.?

i am a 16 year old, good grades, i might get a Honda civic hatchback, does any one know where i am able to get a good insurance company and still pay low amounts in california"

2003 Mustang GT insurance cost?

I am looking at a 2003 Mustang GT with 93k miles on it. I am a 16 year old boy and we are looking to add this to my parent's current policy. I have good grades, we will have multiple cars and home insurance with the same company. Any idea on an approximate cost per month for insurance on this car?"

Which type of ticket goes on your insurance?

I know a speeding ticket will show up on your insurance and cause it to be quite a bit more than it was, but do any other less than obvious types affect your insurance? For example, my town has a completely pointless ordinance in which their residents are not allowed to park their cars in the street between the hours of 2 AM and 6 AM, unless you call the police that night and let them know that your car will be in the street, and then they'll just ignore your car if they see it. Well, I decided to rebel and not call last night, so, I wake up this morning to find a nice (still cheap, luckily) ticket on my window. I didn't call because I have gotten away with it each time before, so I figured maybe they don't check my neighborhood. Go figure. But I just don't want my insurance going up because of this and I'm not sure if all tickets are sent to the insurance company. Thanks in advance!"

What's the best option for changing cars and insurance?

Ok so I got my Service/MOT, Insurance and Road tax at the end of the month, I've been driving for 1 year now and touch wood I wont crash by the end of the month to get my 1st year no claims. I currently have a Renault clio 1.2 However in about 6 months I would like to change to a Audi A3 1.6 as my insurance will be cheaper with the 1 year no claims. (Had to get a 1.2 for the 1st year as Insurance would be crazy) I am currently getting quotes from Admiral and Diamond insurance for a annual fee of about 670 or Monthly installments that come to 1000, so Ideally I will just pay the full year off. But as I said in 6 months ill change cars and by the time Ill sell and buy a new car there could be 2 months where I'm not even driving, and don't want to pay for insurance for not even driving about. I can't find on these dam insurance sites about if i can put my insurance on hold (Admiral). Not sure if I will get charged if I put it on hold or not, as all these insurance company's are very sligh. and Should I pay the Road tax for the whole year or just the 6 months? Also what's the best place to buy/sell cars? ebay / auto trader? (I bought mine from the Motorline Renault garage)"

How to buy insurance for short-time visits to USA?

Some friends/family are visiting USA for 3-4 months. What insurance is the best to buy?

Car insurance rates?

i am a 23 year old male and have a 1993 lexus sc 300 auto 2 dr. i know for a male the rates go down when you hit 25 years old, but is there anything when you turn 23? doesnt it go down a lil. i have had 1 ticket for speeding in nov of 2005, but took that course online to get it off my record since it was my first one."

Buying used car. What do I do for insurance?

I'm buying a new car today and I was wondering if I could drive it home (~2miles) without insurance. If not, what do I do? Thanks"

Can someone help me with an insurance question?

new driver no insurance live in ca, 20yrs old, i am considering of buying kia rio my monthly car payment will be around $169. can u give me an estimate of how much my insurance will be."

"Does age make a difference when getting health insurance thru employer, is the cost different. .?"

My mother is in her 60's she declined coverage thru her employer because she would pay $200 per pay check, gets paid biweekly. She said the rep from the insurance told her she would pay more than her younger coworkers because she is old and needs more health attention, visits medicine etc. Is that true?? Her company does the cleaning for a few hospitals, offices. I dont think its a big company maybe 300-500 employees. I work for a big company in sales we have 200 people in our building, the company is in every state in the u.s. with several offices in each state so we are thousands of people for the company. Our health insurance cost is the same regardless of age. We have 3 plans to choose from, but we all pay the same amount regardless of age and it cost anywhere from $15-25 per check. Could anyone give me some info on this matter thanks. We are in california if that matters. Thanks."

Teen car insurance help help?

I am 18 years old and on my fathers state farm policy my mother has her own house and policy if I have car insurance under him can I be covered to drive her cars. she has geico

Use my insurance to pay for high repair costs?

My vehicle was vandalized and due to that I have Many scratches and dents to the sides of the car. My insurance estimate 2100$ worth of repairs in which I pay 300$. Initially the representative told me that my insurance would not go up monthly because I don't have a.bad history of claims n the incident was not my fault. But that was before they appraised the car so now they would have to give me 1800$ and im.not sure whether I should go through the insurance or not I don't want to affect my monthly payments. Any suggestions?

No proof of insurance ticket in CA?

I got pulled over for speeding, but also cited for no proof of insurance. I was in the process of getting it since I had just bought the car a couple weeks ago. I got insurance a couple days after the ticket. My question is, if I decide to plead not guilty, can I change the date of the insurance and show it to the judge? Would they call the insurance? The insurance sent me the proof through an e-mail so I can try to change the date on it if I wanted to. I dont want to pay the $480 fine for getting insurance after the citation...let me know, thanks"

"Need a license, insurance, and car...?"

I need all three of these. What is the proper order to get them in? I thought you need insurance to get a license, and a license to get a car. But don't you need the car to get it insured? And can you get insurance without a driver license number? I'm confused any advice would be appreciated."

Anybody know of any cheap car insurance or a car which is cheap to insure on?

I'm a new driver and i'm finding it really hard to get a quote under 2,400."

BMW car insurance?

my car insurance doesnt provide anything with mechanical problems, is there any other way on this or is it a dead end?"

"Car Insurance for young drivers, first car. Helpppp!!!?"

I passed my driving test 3 months ago, my sister passed hers last week, we're both 19. We are now looking for a small, cheap car to share, with one of us being the main driver and an additional named driver. We've looked at a KA 1.3 ltr engine 2003 W reg 3 door hatchback. After getting quotes from a few companies it's clearly going to be expensive to get insured. Could anybody please point me in the right direction for affordable insurance for young drivers?! Thankyou!"

How do doctors actually pay for liability insurance?

On, the salary survey stated that the average OB/GYN made roughly $238000 a year, but some sites I have looked at show that they also pay $50000 a year (in florida, that rises to $100000) for malpractice insurance. Even for other practices, such as pediatrics and internal medicine, the rate is usually $30000+. This is a huge amount of money and really, after paying student loans, mortgages, taxes, and etc, how much money do doctors actually take home? Surely not all doctors actually pay for their premiums. Specifically, how much would a pediatric surgeon pay in malpractice insurance in California or Illinois? Just some food for thought."

I got a ticket for haveing a expired drivers licence how will this effect my insurance rates?

The only ticket given was for the expired drivers licence. does that effect the insurance? im not sure cuz it does not mean i am a bad driver. anything will help! need to know fast. and i am in wyoming if that makes any differance.

Cheap V8 cars to insure?

i need a V8 powered car, must have at least 200 horsepower for college. the speed limit is 30 mph and everyone goes 50-60 mph and there are no cops ever catching speeders and people more"

Cheap car insurance for first time drivers ?

what is the cheapest car insurance company for first time drivers ? Age:23

I am moving to Alaska and driving through canada what will I need to cross the border?

I am moving to Alaska and driving through canada what will I need to cross the border?

Car accident and insurance/how much in repairs?

I got into a minor car accident yesterday afternoon while I was parallel parking on Walnut Street in Philadelphia. I was backing up and I hit the curb. The front end of my vehicle was still sticking our quite a bit, so I pulled out a little bit so I could pull in the rest of the way. The person behind me thought that I was done parking so pulled around me and I ended up hitting her. Her fender and her door skin need to be replaced. Does anyone know around how much this would cost to repair? She had the police come so I am assuming that she wants the insurance company to cover the damage, however I would rather pay for it out of pocket. Obviously, my insurance company is going to find out about the accident, but after the insurance companies decide the breakdown of the fault, would I be able to pay for my part of the damages without my rates going up? Or at that point would it not matter, my rates are going up anyways? I ask this because I'm 19 years old and would prefer to not have my rates go up."

Under Obamacare you can't be turned down for insurance because of preexisting conditions but at what price?

What stops the insurance company from charging you and arm and a leg?

Minor accident no insurance ?

I got in a minor accident I'm 17 my dad has insurance but I'm not under that insurance the cop showed up and just told me I had court there was no injuries what am I facing ? My car got chipped the other car was only paint scratches

BEST ANSWER:  Try this site where you can compare quotes: HELP-INSURE.NET

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